Services Detail

Proofreading service includes:

  • Correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Ensuring the document matches the chosen dialect including applying the rules of punctuation and grammar of the chosen dialect to the document
  • Adjusting word choice and written tone to suit the document type, purpose and intended audience
  • Enhancing the flow of sentences to boost readability
  • Removing repetition and redundancies to ensure writing is clear and concise.
  • Highlighting sentences and or wording that appear ambiguous and suggesting possible solutions
  • Ensuring consistency particularly with capitalisation, formatting, numbering, use of abbreviations and punctuation
  • If applicable, ensuring that all citations and references are presented clearly and accurately and follow a specified referencing system

Editing service includes:

  • Proofreading services (as listed above) AND
  • Rewriting sentences/ passages that are unclear or overly wordy or do not match the intended audience’s expectations
  • Highlighting any problem areas, inaccurate or incorrect information and offering suggestions where possible
  • Reviewing the overall structure of the document and move paragraphs or advise whether any should be deleted
  • Reviewing the document and offering suggestions where more detail would be beneficial or where information is unnecessary
  • Ensuring adherence to a specified style guide or house style

Formatting service includes:

  • Creating, updating, modifying, and applying styles and list styles
  • Customising spacing, margins and section-specific fonts
  • Inserting page breaks, section breaks, and custom indentation
  • Adding headers and footers
  • Inserting section and chapter headers
  • Adding page numbers and section-specific page numbers
  • Inserting a dynamic list of charts, figures, and tables
  • Adding captions to charts, figures, and tables
  • Generating a dynamic table of contents
  • Creating a cover page

Conversion copywriting service includes:

  • Using SEO techniques to help online customers find what they’re looking for and bring those customers to your website or platform.
  • Clearly, accurately, and logically present a product’s (or service’s) ‘unique selling point(s)’, as well as its key features and the benefits those features bring to the customer’s life
  • Use vocabulary, sentence structure and tone to capture the target customer’s interest, persuade them to make a purchase and remain true to your brand and preferences in terms of style and format.
  • Create a product/service description that is in an easy-to-read format that’s appropriate for your target customer and the platform on which it appears
  • Create a product/service description that informs and convinces your target customers and reaches them on logical and emotive levels